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This is a sample entry based on an email from Myron from Mar 30.

Between 1937 and 1945 (perhaps longer but these are the dates we have) Henry Albert Lowden and his son Henry James Lowden owned and operated Charleswood Nursery on Roblin Blvd, one mile west of City Park. The greenhouse was on lot 35 (now 3505 Roblin Blvd.). The Voters List shows that the family owned the river lot from the Assiniboine River to Roblin Blvd. There is a busy Co-op Gas station and car wash, on Roblin Blvd, at that location today. On the north part of lot 35 there are a few condos and towards the river luxurious homes.

Charleswood Nursery grew bedding plants, nursery stock, cut flowers, and onions. The cut flowers were peony blooms that they sold at the race track for $0.25 a dozen. The onions were grown on contract for onion seed and the bulbs for the garden market.

There was a Tudor style home.

In 1956 Wm. Lowden retired to 85 Harstone Rd. It's not clear where that house is located as the city changed the street numbering system in the 1970’s. Our city tax system is still based on the river lot system, along with added street names & numbers.

We may want to discuss what to do with things like this that aren't really final info...

Todo: We could put them on discussion pages or keep them off the wiki entirely... I’m still looking for information. I haven’t gone through the Council Minutes in the museum archives, yet. I haven’t found any photos either. I asked long time resident Len VanRoon Sr. & he doesn’t recall your family.

The family has four photos (including one in colour), of the Tudor style home, peony, and onion production and a colour catalogue from the nursery indicating products and pricing. They offer to forward these to us as we have digitized them in hiRes.