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Image Description
Image of a child sitting in an automobile with two men standing beside it on a farm in Charleswood, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Image of Frank Binnie, truck driver (on left), standing beside a Laing Brothers Feed Ltd. truck at the Van Roon poultry farm in Charleswood, Winnipeg, Manitoba. A boy is feeding the chickens that are around the man and truck
Image of the Fraser boys with an automobile. One of the boys is sitting in the driver's seat and the other two are standing by the automobile
Image of a man standing beside a Ford automobile
Image of a person on top of a wagon full of hay pulled by two horses and a threshing machine at Fraser Farm
Image of two men and an automobile with chickens in the foreground at the Van Roon chicken farm, Charleswood, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Image of two people with a tractor cutting wood

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